<<<<< BEHOLD THE FUTURE! >>>>>

Hoverboards, self-drying jackets, flying cars, re-hydrating food, self tieing shoes and at least 10 fax machines per house. This was the future according to Back to the Future part 2 released in 1989. 2015 in reality will prove to be nothing like the film,which is one of my faves. Instead it turns out that innovation has come on leaps and bounds in other ways.
Who would have thought back in 1985 that nearly everyone would be carrying phones around with us totally wireless and with them doing what they do, flat tvs, the internet and not to forget Google giving us loads of information (and not to forget silly cat videos). 
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Creative musical minds from the past envisioned robots, UFOS, alien visitors or maybe the earths destruction. Below are a few songs with a sci-fi futuristic theme starting from the late 60s to more recent ones. I’ve included top tunes from Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Blur, The Strokes and even a bit of Blondie. Enjoy.