Here’s a selection of music gems I’ve uncovered while mining the music sites recently. Check them out.

1. Korea vs Canada – The Hudson Branch

Melodic, atmospheric and bluesy; The Hudson Branch have just made this song one of my faves of the month. Blues Rock is definitely on the up thanks to the likes of the Black Keys. The combo the great clean and distorted guitar, vocals and organ make this song stand out from the crowd for me. 

2. Automatic – Eagle and the Worm

Trumpets…. You don’t hear them much in modern music. This band has taken them and successfully incorporated them into a song with synth and experimental sounds. Got a Gorrilaz feel about it, and its easy to see why. Very catchy song to bop yer head to.

3. Lost your Way – The Nocturnal Company

This chill out tune from The Nocturnal Company showcases a steady beat with organ and a nice sounding guitar. Nothing fancy here, just the basics. Great sounding track worthy of the list.

4. No Mercy – Makthaverskan 

Absolutely love things songs vibe. A strong female lead with a up tempo beat. Haunting echo in the vocals and backing vocals, make this song a goodun. Love everything about it.

5. White Lights – Purple Valentino

A fast, strong with male and female vocals, great guitar throughout. Reminds me of some 80s rock tune I’ve long since forgotten. The song showcases a band which has probably been at it a while and are comfortable in what they do. Very nice to listen to in contrast with the slow indie tunes infusing the charts in recent months.

6. The Fathom Line – The Hazey Janes

A steady rock tune with above average vocals and exceptional guitar work. Very easy on the ears and enjoyable to listen to. 

7. Amber Run – Spark

A well made melodic love ballad which builds up to a more uptempo with a unique sound and great lyrics that will make it one to stick in your head for a while. Let the light in.

8. Killer Bangs – Honey Blood

One to dance to. The beat, female harmonious vocals and distorted guitar make this one of them songs you love at an indie night, or just one to nod your head to. Got to admit songs like this appeal to me a lot.

9. Kathleen – Catfish and the Bottlemen 

Local band Catfish and the Bottlemen (unusual name) have come on leaps and bounds. I saw them one under a different guise gigging in Runcorn no less, back then they showed promise. This song showcases that promise in gallons. Strong vocals and great beat to the song make it a overall great tune.

10. Daisy Eyes – I Know Leopard 

Another obvious Black Keys influenced band with a hint of psychedelia. Got a very retro sound to it from its backing vocals to its nice beat throughout.

11. Candyman – Darlia

A rare grunge inspired tune from Darlia. The harmony in the vocals make this song stand out and shows progression from old school grunge. 

12. Where did the love go – Bipolar Sunshine 

Melodic, harmonious, down tempo and full of metaphors, this love ballad has it all. Easy listening and good for a chillout.

13. Coming Home – Kaiser Chiefs

Ricky and co are back with this anthem of a tune, with lyrics easy to sing along to and will no doubt be in your head for a while. 

14. Here it comes again – The Amazing Snakeheads

From the start, nice beat and bass, then the vocals, the rasping vocals make this a post punk gem. 

15. Love me More – Beautiful Boy

A mix of acoustic and electric, a good blend of vocals and upbeat drums. The drums in particular stand out, nice song which seems to have it all.

16. Echo and the Bunnymen – Lovers on the Run

The haunting vocals we know and love from EATB are back. Showing they still have it and can create a great arrangement of instruments and lyrics. Enjoyable to listen to.

17. Steamroller – Port Isla

A resonating up tempo gem here, with nice guitar, vocals and drums throughout. Very easy on the ears.