Let us take you down discovery boulevard yet again after stumbling across yet another diamond in the rough. Introducing, four-piece rock afficionardos Psyence from Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Blurring the lines of early 70’s blues rock and flirting with modern-day psychedelia such as Pond and Temples, Psyence is an intense chemical reaction of face-melting riffs, spacious vocals and groove-based rhythms that have been locked away up north to slowly mature far away from the London scene.

Interested in finding out more about the band? I am. Read further about them below:

The band is made up of Stephen Pye, Jamie Bellingham, Ben Nixon and Joe Walsh. They cite themselves as being blues rock inspired heavy alt rockers, a very interesting mix, which on paper should fuse very well.

With a list of numerous past gigs in the two years they have been gigging they have been perfecting their own take on alt blues rock and are certainly making waves with reviews from big names such as NME and Q Magazine.

Their latest audio offering, out on 23rd October,  You & I could easily match the description of their sound being blues rock alt rock with its grungy sounding raw riffs,  pending drums and great bass riffs.  It doesn’t however start off that way, but instead leads us up to the full offering of what they profess to be with a synth sound at the start and a clean synth riff sound in the background contrasting against the songs rough guitar.  Already,  it can be seen the songs unlike the usual blues/alt rock songs and strives to be something completely different.

The chorus kicks in full on with raw sounding guitar and a nice clean riff over it with a great tempo to get you tapping your feet.  We are then welcomed with a great sounding guitar solo with the clean,  well played guitar riff sounding over the dirty rhythm guitar.  It’s a great sound and breaks up the song well.

psyence 3

The vocals kick back in after a simplified drum solo and whilst they sound similar to the likes of Tom Clarke, The Enemy‘s front man with the punk rock,  uncomplicated kind of singing style, the vocals are subtly different and suit the style of music they have chosen to play.

As the track races to the finishing post, Psyence ups the ante with added guitar riffs, inclusion of a harmony to the vocals and a more up tempo beat.  The song finishes with symbols and fades out leaving us wanting more.

Verdict: Psyence have delivered a fantastic fusion of upbeat synth sounding indie and grungy sounding alt-rock presented in a well produced track.  You &  I allows us, the listeners to grasp what the band is about, as it showcases their talent for making an upbeat catchy rock number.  After listening to it,  it’s made me want to check out more songs by them and look forward to any future offerings. You &  I will be officially released on 23rd October.


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