One of unZined’s many purposes is to promote local talent especially budding young musicians. James Swift is but one of many young musicians looking to enter the world of gigging and producing tracks and albums for masses.

Currently studying music at college, James is looking to further grow his musical knowledge to aid him more in doing what he loves. Already, he has started producing albums and songs and has started gigging in the North West.

I posed some questions to James in order to find our what motivates him, what got him into music and more. Check it out below:

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. Firstly, introduce and tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is James Swift I’m a solo artist from Widnes, I have wrote two EPs; the first called “A Bit Like An EP” (2012) and the second called “RUN!” (2013), and an album called “Now & Again” (2014).

At what age did you become interested music? Did your parents play a big role in that?
I’ve always been into music, my mum and my older brother was always an influence, but it wasn’t until my older brother taught himself guitar that decided to do the same, which lead to me writing my own songs. I started writing songs in late 2010 and finished my first complete one in March 2011.

What three words would you choose to describe yourself? 

Creative, Passionate, Nerd

I note you have an interest in punk rock bands among other genres Which artists have inspired you into becoming a musician yourself and what is it about them that inspired you?

Green Day always inspired me to write songs because of the emotion put into their lyrics. The lead singer of InMe once wrote an article about why being a solo artist is easier than being in a band which really lead me to being a solo artist.

What song covers do you perform & which are your favorites? 

Since I started doing gigs I’ve only ever done covers as duets with my friend Beth, we’ve done an acoustic duet of “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling and “Make You Smile” by +44. As a solo act I’ve never played covers

What guitar do you own? 

I own 4 acoustic guitars; a Crafter, a Fender, a Staag and a Samick

Do you have any advice for any solo acoustic musicians who are looking at following the same path as you?

The only advise I’d say is just do it, don’t let anyone or anything stop you, because if it’s what you really want then it’s only you that needs to be sure of it. The best thing about being a solo artist is that you don’t really need approval of the decisions you make as a solo artist, if you want to play a song a certain way you can, or if you want to name a song something no one is going to disagree with you.

Where do you see yourself musically in a few years time?
I really want to continue writing and releasing music because I love it, I’d also like to teach music theory because song writing and music theory are my two biggest passions.

 Do you have any upcoming gigs?

I’m quite excited for my college gig I have coming up on the 24th of march, I’ll be playing a couple of originals at the Cavern in Liverpool. I’m quite excited as it will be my first performance as a solo act in my college.


You can check out James Swift’s album out below: 

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