Introducing Ravellas, a four-piece indie rock band from Wigan, Lancs. Newly formed half a year ago, they have been working on honing their performance and music since and seem to be at a place at present to provide us, the masses, with music to satisfy.

None of us really know which genre to describe the band, so we usually go for indie as that’s vague enough to describe us. Ravellas itself has been going for about 6 months but the project we’ve been working on for about 18 months. Me (Mac the singer) and Bishop (lead guitarist) had a pissed up conversation about how being in a band should be done, Wearing loud coats and louder music and sunglasses indoors, but we just thought we could get together and write music that if people listen to it, they can’t help but pay attention. And this is were it’s brought us today.

Already, it can be seen from social media, Mac and co have been hard at work producing songs and promoting them well with eye-catching designs and videos. It’s clear this band has high hopes and has enough determination to see them through.

Mac from Ravellas reached out to unZined to help spread the word about their music to our readers and beyond. Choosing their recently uploaded Heartbreak (Shortcomings) to review, I’m interested to what impression this band will leave on me after listening to it. Check out my review below:

Ravellas’ latest release Heartbreak (Shortcomings) is a great offering from the band to let us have an insight as to what the band is capable of. I’m listening to the single through their Youtube video,11224583_628481537289291_9110590129361701942_n which you can find below. We are welcomed by a short distorted guitar intro, but unlike anything I’ve heard around. It’s a great tactic already to give their song a unique sound from the get go. Straight after the song kicks in fully with a clean and modern indie sounding riff reminiscent of a sound you’d hear from big bands in the charts at the moment, like…I want to say The Foals, but it’s hard to compare the sound as its unique in its own right. With the song being a bright, lively number, the video in turn shows off the bands fun side. A garage is the videos location, probably a tongue in cheek look back at how they started. With the small confines of the garage let us feel like it’s an intimate performance too with the cameras up-close footage of the band as they play and mess around. The video compliments the song well.

The well sung vocals and the spritely guitar and drums bring us to the pre-chorus, which ups the energy even further in a build up to the chorus. As the chorus kicks in, the band yet again ups the energy with distorted guitars and up tempo drums. A very nice contrast is made between lead and backing singers’ vocals which had me riveted to every word. The song then goes through the pre-chorus and chorus again both as spectacular as last brimming with energy, superb harmonies and up-tempo fresh guitars, bass and drums.

The song then gives us an instrumental with backing vocal accompaniment to provide us listeners with a break before finale which comes about bringing an new energy to the song  especially from the vocals, at one point being shouted by lead singer Mac. The song the leads us out with a softly strummed guitar.


Overall, a great sounding indie track, one you’d expect to hear on a top summer indie song playlist on Spotify or in shops. With all the light and shade in tempo and energy you’d expect from a well produced rock hit, the Ravellas have shown they can produce one (and more like this judging by their Youtube) amazing song. Hats off to Mac and co of the Ravellas for showing that Wigan has more in store since The Verve hit the charts. I’ll be watching this band with interest as they progress from small gigs to bigger ones as they get noticed, which no doubt they will in time.

If you liked that video, I recommend you check out their other videos, especially Momentos and Coke, which is a tip of the hat to Bob Dylan’s Subterrenian Homesick Blues.

 While you are at it check the links below for more informaiton, news, gigs and releases from the Ravellas:



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