The debut release from North West band The Spitting Pips,Acid Soul“, comprises of two tracks, Burn it Out and Excuse me. Both tracks on first hearing them come across well produced and recorded, showing their capability as a professional indie rock band with their raw rock sound, excellent harmonies and up tempo drums
Their track Burn it Out is upbeat from the word go and is bound to be a crowd favorite with strong powerful guitar, vocals with echo effect and a harmony from backing vocals which compliments the lead greatly. As it kicks into the chorus the backing vocals give the song some kick and the guitar riff is placed well in the song and isn’t over excessive. 

Onto Excuse Me, which in my opinion is the better of the two, features a strong bass sound and lead guitar riff melody, which sounds excellent. They favour again the echo effect to the vocals again, which could be a signature sound for the band, but which will no doubt set them apart from other bands. There’s an obvious wink and tip of the hat to the indie rock from the 90’s, namely Oasis and The Charlatans, but it is just a sly wink, overall the song is theirs with their own character and attitude. The chorus, still playing around in my head, is very catchy and once you’ve heard it, most will find themselves singing it to themselves for a while after. Towards the end the mellow guitar compliments the vocals and bass, which completes an overall great track.

Overall, two outstanding tracks which make Acid Soul a great first release. It doesn’t seem like they’ve prematurely released tracks before they got their act together, instead it seems like they’ve spent time molding their sound and fine tuning it before releasing a well rounded first EP.  It will be interesting to see where the band go from here, developing their sound as they go along, because as it stands, they’ve hit the ground running and have the songs they need to please the masses, full of attitude and character. 
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