Everyone loves a good playlist durnt thay ? … Thats why we are asking people to get involved by submitting theirs and we’l do our best to get it posted on here as quickly as we can. We love music and we love listening to what you are listening to.

Who better to ask for a playlist than someone that owns a record shop ? … We have a couple of playlists here ( to be posted this week ) Playlists that have been submitted by bands. Playlists that contain their latest release … a little bit about themselves and a shed load of influences and music that floats their boat. Sounds alright that don’t it ? Something to tune yourself into whilst your pottering about the garden n’ shit. Post us your playlists   Mail Link


Andy sells tunes online he sells all sorts, used LPs singles etc but he also gets loads of promos, some of them really obscure and pretty “niche” … you can check out what he has    >>>>>HERE<<<<<

We know that you are always looking to tune into a decent playlist … enjoy his selection of tunes here .. Nice one Andy x