One or two of you have been asking if I’ve listened to Beach House & ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’

Art is Art … You may look at a painting and instantly buy it because it touches the heart strings, hang it in the most prominent place you have.

I on the other hand may think nah thats plainly rubbish, why have you wasted your hard earned cash on that. It means nothing.

The artist of course may be renown for creating some brilliant pieces and others consider the one you have bought to be one of their best pieces of work.  It wasn’t that long ago when Beach House released “Depression Cherry” … much celebrated ?

It’s the same when it comes to music. This isn’t rubbish it’s just alright ( swings a big massive fish dead hard across your face and says, ‘listen to it again sausage’ )  … I know loads of you muppets think that you like it …. it just isn’t my cup of coffee … It’s alright … it’s ok.

I gave it whirl last night and found myself being dragged across an event horizon & into something sickly… pushed from a moving car & rolled onto the set of a Twin Peaks episode, a reverb heavy misery where a ghost from Harry Potter tries singing you to sleep & nowt good has ever happened … ever.

mmmmm … maybe if I listened to it again ? … as if.