Nah it aint him lol thats our fault … muckin about as we do. Seen Andy nod a ball into the back of a net a few times though. Derek Mountfield ? …. obscene delivery.

Anyway our Andy ( Not his name sake above ) has sent over a playlist of music for us ( Nice One ) For those of you that don’t know Andy he runs an independent record store selling masses of music online. You can check out what he has in store here >>> Andys Records <<<

He’s been buying music for over 30 years and selling them on and off for well over 10. Andy never had to, but in good old altruistic fashion used to sponsor our online radio broadcast too ( to be ressureccted when we’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff – learning curve ye see – sooner rather than later tbh )

Anyhow if your looking for new & second hand vinyl … Apparently it’s making a huge comeback hahaha really ? . The Crate Invaders among you need not bother looking anywhere else anyway. Top lad that goes out of his way for customers and mates. x Have a listen …. Nice One Andy !!

Theres a blog about Andy >>> HERE <<< on Discogs Blog : Crate Minds Think Alike !!

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