Like Big Beats you ?

Sunset Radio was one of our fav broadcasts back in the day. State 808’s Show broadcasted for many years on various radio stations, mainly featuring the ‘Spin Masters’ but remember Sunset Radio mostly for listening to dance music & for the banter.


Anyway we’d tune in …. no information superhighway back then ye see, the only place you could hear new music was to pull on your coat ( always pissin down ) and go to a gig or tune into the radio.

It’s still the same nowadays isnt it ? No is it fcuk !

Konspiracy … The Hacienda … Luvdup … etc etc etc … top times with top people.

Nothing has changed has it ? … we still listen to the music … we still buy and play the records … but most importantly we still go to the gigs … we’l always do that yeah ?

Food for thought though … Some of the drunken banter from the weekend kids .

It is here and now and the future ( we’ve heard that before ) … you dont even have to leave your sofa to go to a gig anymore. wtf

We can sit on our own sofa and be transported into a venue or practice session almost anywhere in the world.

It’s already been established that bands can do everything themselves nowadays .. record labels pfffft … promoters bigger pfffffft … companies biggest pffffft … bands are charging & squeezing endless amounts of people into their own small venues … people from all corners of the globe via some virtual reality headset.

( everyone turns off ) : Give us a bit of what your drinking 😉

We’d all sooner be there in person of course but sometimes that isnt possible ( or affordable )

Seeing that ace local band that have no way on earth of travelling down your end for a gig is just around the corner … surely it’s gonna be better than youtube or the shit on the tele ? … who knows yet ???

Sunset radio & radio in general was the only way you could hear anything new once upon a time … Nowadays though we are flooded with it … it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff int it … bombarded by music.

You can trust us here though.

Nice one again to Daz for curating a list mate … Appreciated as always : ONE LOVE x

In no order whatsoever & we’l probably never play em. Enjoy x