The Clone Roses are coming to town and we can’t wait ! Ye know what gets said about these. Better than the real thing etc etc ? …. Ye can’t say that can you ? … but what you can say is their shows are a religious vacation for Stone Roses fans everywhere and for one night only the spiritual journey ends up in Widnes. Get in !!! …. There with bells on !!

Oasis …. ffs … Remember the first time you heard them ? ….. Them lads are on a different planet … Them lads don’t give a fcuk whats said about them and every word reinforces just how ace they are. Every generation throws up a band that bleeds out rock & roll … but non more so than Oasis. How they continue to pen classics is beyond us, but they do. We’re still holding out for the reunion ( it will happen ye know … wont it ??? ) & in the mean time ? …. more classics being released from them both.

Definitely Mightbe are playing too … These lads are one of the best tributes to Oasis we have heard.

Gonna be a good night ?

Hell aye.

Get onit !!!

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