No matter where you look … ‘3 feet high and rising’ is included in just about every ‘best of list’ ….

I can still remember the first time I heard the album. Potholes in my Lawn etc etc etc and from an era when Hip Hop had surely got as hardcore as it could possibly get … up in the grass sprouted daisies.

The Daisy age was ace … albeit it the pressings seemed flat … might have just been me but I certainly had to crack up the volume due to flat vinyl pressing – it was the same with the CD … really quiet ( for me dunno why ? ) .

Pretty sure that De La Soul and Scott La Roc KRS1 ( A man and his music ) were the first two albums that I bought on CD too. I already owned them on vinyl and I aint got a feckin clue where my bags of Hip Hop vinyl were left cheers for that whoever fecked off with them.

Native Tongues proved that Hip Hop on a whole had direction. Some people under-estimate exactly what they did for Hip Hop in general. It’s just my opinion like.

‘and the Anonymous Nobody’ is released this week.

Little Dragon has got one of them voices aint she … empire ants is probably my fav Gorillaz tune I could listen to her all day long. Gorillaz we miss you.