There is something  special about the Astral Elevator nights that brings out the best in bands , those nights where everything on stage align and clicks , none more so than when Deja Vega are on the line up. A rousing introduction from the AE master of ceremony leads us in to the musical equivalent of an incendiary device going off big time for the next 40 minutes or so.

An opening salvo of telephone voice , eyes of steel and the stunning  pulsating Mr powder, a song that when played live that encapsulates all the reasons I go to  watch bands and live music. Deja are amassing a large amount of material which they can now dip in and out of when putting sets together, new songs are being wrote and played at a ferocious rate. Saturday saw the premier of one these , the untitled composition had jack singing lines in an  falsetto vocal , a band always looking forward and not afraid to diverse and experiment. Sleep an older song from over the past few years was given a re visit and sounded as good as ever.

It could only end one way  ” The Test”, the improvised monster of a finale that weaves one way then another but never the same way twice. In amongst the buoyant  packed crowd at one point jack managed to plant the microphone amongst them  to give us a final rallying call of vocals to finish off a frantic full throttle of a set…the futures bright ,the futures Deja. Next stop Liverpool ,81 Renshaw st  16/3/18

Darren Brooks

Deja Vega – Sleep