According to wikipedia Duffelcoats … spelt ‘e – l’ are coats made from Duffel. The name derives from a place called Duffel, a town in Begium. Who knows how its spelt ? We don’t care. WIKI LINK … confused now.


We would love to start our own label. Havn’t got a clue how we’d go about it though. One day eh ? with more than a little help from our friends no doubt ?

Ended up here last night after listening to the re release of Amida’s ‘ Are You On Fire ‘ again …. Dufflecoat Records are based in Cambridge … Here’s a few tunes from the bandcamp page you can find more on the link at the bottom.

There’s nothing like that jangly sound through the headphones with a Kronenbourg 1664. Will probably play a few of these this evening in Warrington. Who knows …. vis-à-vis.

Check out the other releases here >>>

Dufflecoat Records Bandcamp