A gig by Edgar is one of those things I look forward to now more than ever. When he returned with The Stairs and his latest Lp ‘The Song of Day and Night’ it hammered home to me the void his absence had left in my gig going and Liverpool music generally.

The night kicked off with new young solo artist Roadmouse and his dreamy shoegaze style of music. A set of original music including ace new debut single  “Couch” which is out now so go and check it out. A top cover of a Seahorses classic and a good bit of head nodding for me rounded off a really enjoyable set.

Edgar must love playing De Bees and Winsford in general as much as we love him coming here, it’s his crowd and he’s our man. Before he even plugged in he was chatting set lists and enthusiastic song enquiries, love all that stuff.

We got the works tonight, a few off the seminal ‘Soothing Music for Stray Cats’, but mostly off last year’s the day and night lp, my favourite off last year. Recorded with a band the songs are still just as strong and rich sounding acoustically . The rarely played Big Eyed Boo got an airing after a bit of good hearted discussion  From those set lists chats he held earlier with appreciative fans. Yep of course he played ‘Weed Bus’, to be honest I hadn’t give it a thought I was enjoying listening to rest of the set.

I briefly thought at the end for a second, Edgars well got his mojo back, he never lost it, he’s just got better!


Darren Brooks