A few more genre crossing tunes to pass the time( they all look a bit old school hip hop to me but thats how the cookie crumbles folks – music is after all music ) from the shelves in no order whatsoever
The Urban Allstars ( Mixed By Norman Cook ) – It Began In Africa. … I used to buy a fair few on Urban Records … infact there used to be a stall on Runcorn market a while back where I bought what fat boy slim has mixed together here so they’l probably turn up at some point too. I believe in miracles – jackson sisters // cross the tracks – maceo and the macks jungle brothers etc etc. Somewhere in the shelves.
Planet Rock – Africa Bambaata & Soul Sonic Force ... No introduction necessary ,, on 21 Records ?  ( >>>Info ) Extended version.

Kick It ! The Def Jam Sampler – one off each side eh ? … various artists.