Yeah theres others like … Don’t Be A Stranger popped up yesterday on the iPod shuffle ( pretty apt like ) … reminded us of the packed out days sweating & the not so packed out ones freezing down at the Studio and of course Freakin out … re:- a reunion … everyone says yeah but naff all er happens … sort it out give us a buzz Im cheap ( box of fags and a couple of pints & I normally share that too if you remember ) … ended up listening to Happiness in Magazines again for the good times … probably the first time in it’s entirety ever to be honest, someone always phones or sommat. Theres a few records like that. Seen Graham last at The Leadmill on the A&E tour … bought it … played the odd tune but never cover to cover.

Gonna stick together a Studio playlist though ( why not ) … at some point. Me & Simmo are over in Warrington ( check gigs up top ) if you are ever about jump in … Dont be a Stranger.