Missed having the time to log on here and mention the stuff we’ve been doing & listening to the last few weeks, theres been nothing wrong but cheers for asking.

Little Indie Night Blog isn’t the NME lol … its merely a place to upshit loads & we do try. Something to do thats all. Huge thanks to popping down to the gigs it really does mean a lot xxx

We’ve seen The Stone Roses a fair few times over the years … here there and everywhere. Was looking forward to the Etihad as well … why ? … Yer because of the music but not only that. Theres something about heading off to watch The Roses with thousands of other like minded people … you just know that who ever you bump into … where ever it is you take a pew … whoever it is you stand next to at the bar … you have much more in common with than just The Stone Roses that being the want of a top time out.


Chatting shit about other gigs … club events etc etc … What I will say is and I don’t wanna put a dampner on things but … a ‘wee mention’

I went up to Glasgow Green on my todd. Booked a hotel n’ shit up by Glasgow station and got out to the bars as soon as I could …. on mi todd … as you do.

Anyhow moving closer and closer to the event arena and after a fair few conversations meeting folk that I will probably never see again I walked into a bar chock block full of people wearing Roses t-shirts et al. Took a while getting served.

Whilst waiting I got talking to these two old Scottsmen perched on stools sat at the end of the bar. This was their regular ale house and after some chat about shit, I asked what they wanted from the bar. 3 whiskeys, one for each of us.

Theirs never lasted as long as mine did but as soon as I’d managed to ‘down’ mine one of them put his hand up and ordered another three … and after the 2nd which went down much easier than the first the other gent I’d been talking to ordered another whiskey each … Not much was said .. it has to be said … the third ruined me but they were used to it for sure.

Now …. a fair few weeks later there was a huge accident there at that bar … they said to me that they were always in there …. a helicopter crash landed onto that bar ………….. shocked me to the core but it brought back memories of smiles with people that I couldn’t understand the names of never mind understand a word of what they were saying. I do know that people were hurt and that people lost their lives that day … Not good …. just twenty minutes with company was enough for a lifetime. Ill probably never see them again buzzing with everyones attitude that day. This feeling happens every time I go to see the roses play … Its the craic.

The Roses were on form at the Etihad … the best Ive heard them sound its as simple as that. ( thats the review )

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