Whats the worth of having shelves of records if If you never mention em ?
Soul Boys never shut up about theirs.
The best way to describe my record shelves would be ‘untidy’. There are no homemade dividers that have been lovingly handcrafted or any carefully calligraphed & laminated A-Z’s on my shelves, or in any of my record boxes for that matter. Good on you though if your shelves are organised like that. My records just fit where they fit and that’s in any space thats available … If I’m looking for a record then I have to go through the whole lot to find something usually. Quite often forget what I was looking for in the first place and instead eventually pick out something else. Thank fcuk that I had a few bags of tunes robbed a few years back. I don’t reckon they were robbed per se,  instead it was more a case of leaving them somewhere and then that someone just kind of ‘forgetting’ to remind me about them. Who’s the dick there then ? – I used to prefer buying the 12′ version myself, they’d come ( for those who don’t know ) with either an extra record somewhere on it, or some kind of alternative remix that’d been churned out by some nectar named DJ, a version that just wasn’t available on any other format sometimes.  I felt daft carrying a 7′ carrier bag too, far too small them … they just looked pathetic, couldn’t even fit my footy boots in them.