Are you a rebellious youth who is being sentenced to a boys reformatory for robbing a bakery soon? … Do you have a natural ability for long distance running, a trait acquired by running away from store security alot ? Maybe you managed to ‘lift’ a smartphone, one of those velcro smartphone arm holsters and some beats by dre ear buds on one of your ‘store visits’ ? … Then the chances are the Police are going to take them all off you when they slam that heavy cell door behind you ….. just before they leave you in there alone for ages. If on the other hand you are a law abiding citizen, you need never be alone and especially whilst out on your jog …. we could be there with every single fawn like bounding stride of yours … that is if you wanted us to be. From the very first step of your 6.4k iPhone app recorded run, to the very last stage where you are uploading said run data to Facebook …… And who knows?, you might finish your run thinking what a complete load of fckin shit they posted there today on the Little Indie Night Blog … Or …. you may finish your run thinking mmmm I didn’t mind that one, in fact it was one of the best records Ive ever heard in my life. Who Knows? ‘The stuff that comes out when you open a blog’ … still its much better than most blogs & thanks for all the kind words about it. Get involved ! … Click the contribution button. Anyhow heres some music I shared somewhere on the web earlier today. See what yer think.

in no order whatsoever