Some continuous grooves found on the internet this week. 
When you play music from the internet you kind of stop multi-tasking and can really focus on the music right ? … We are all surprised about how much better ‘The Black Keys’ sound on erm .. zipped up to fcuk MP3 yeah !! … You can really dig that depth in the music … background and foreground leftfield and right … right ? ……. We love the ritual of sliding that file out of that playlist and into the “playing now” section of an interface, then slowly placing the finger onto the play button. …. Blissful.
However … even though we love our music files we still kind of ‘get’, how the majority of people appreciate the convenience of vinyl and how vinyl can have no degradation in quality whatsoever … We appreciate how convenient it is to hear an endless amount of different bands by simply getting in the car, catching a train, or popping down to the local record store in the rain and going through the whole stock. Easily done if you have a spare day or two.
Real Estate – Atlas
Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All

Metronomy – Love Letters

La Dispute – Rooms Of The House

Maya Jane Coles – Comfort

Tokyo Police Club – Forcefield