It has taken a while to get through the vast back catalogue but Hooky has finally got there.

Im talking about the newly announced dates to revisit and celebrate “Republic ” and more importantly to me the “Technique ” album.

Technique was the record that managed to bridge the gap between the Indie and guitar music I listened to and this new thing called Acid and House music I was hearing about and starting to find a bit exciting.

Having already used the influence of the new york club scene on other albums this is  the first crossover album to my mind  that welded guitars and the rhythms and beats of  house music together coupled with a balearic vibe, way before the term indie dance was thought of.

The album was intended to be recorded at a studio called mediterraneo in ibiza. Apparently very little was actually recorded during the bands residency, but the islands influence and the bands discovery of the sounds and vibes of Ku, Pacha and a little known thing called E seeps out of every groove.

Legend has it an invitation to label mates and pals The Happy Mondays to visit them was the catalyst for ecstasy finding its way to whitworth st west, the dance floor of Fac51 and the beginning of something brewing.

Fact or fiction who cares , these bunch of dates promise to be something special.