Well, its now February of 2014, so this is just fashionably late.

Anyway, I’m not one usually for new music so my favourite albums of last year aren’t from any particularly new artists, I’ll only list a few though to prevent this getting way too long.

1. Motorhead – Aftershock

Personally, I’m a massive fan of Motorhead and this is their best album in decades in my opinion, going back to their blues roots in many respects, along with the traditional hard-hitting style that everyone knows them for. Standout tracks: Lost Woman Blues, Heartbreaker.

2. Seasick Steve – Hubcap Music
Seasick Steve never fails to disappoint with his simple yet aggressive blues sound and this album continues the trend. On Hubcap Music there a some typical Seasick Steve songs, and a couple of more soulful songs than we’re used to but none disappoint. Standout tracks: Down on the farm, Coast Is Clear
3. Buddy Guy – Rhythm & Blues

Three years since his grammy award winning album and Buddy Guy delivers again with a 2-disc album featuring special guests such as Aerosmith and Kid Rock with some great songs showing that even at 76 Buddy rules the roost when it comes to playing the blues. Standout tracks: Too Damn Bad, Messin’ With The Kid, Evil Twin

4. Valerie June – Pushin’ Against A Stone
Now, anyone who knows me well will find this as a shock, as I have chosen an album by a relatively new artist, but I actually really enjoyed this. It has a sort of string blues/country/gospel/folk feel even with a touch of Amy Winehouse style in there, now this may be like musical marmite I actually quite liked it. Standout tracks: Workin’ Woman Blues, The Hour
Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine – White People and the Damage Done
Jello continues his fine run of form with the GOSM with White People and the Damage Done, recapturing some of the Dead Kennedys-esque sound mixing Frankenchrist with Fresh Fruit into one ungodly mixture of sheer brilliance. Jello’s writing has always been spot on and relevant and this is no different, politically, socially and environmentally motivated as ever Jello comes up with some of his best stuff for a long time. Standout tracks: The Brown Lipstick Parade, Mid East Peace Protest, Hollywood Goof Disease
So yeah, there you go, my top albums of 2013 (kinda late but ahh well), all opinion so I’m not saying these are the best overall, just what I enjoyed the most.
Also, I probably forgot a lot, but I tried to keep the list short and I’ve slept since 2013 so honestly I’ve forgot most of the stuff that has been released since last January.