I remember when Warp records was just a shelf of records in someone else’s record shop … think his name was Winston ? probably wrong like.

I seem to remember that because it was the only couple of shelves worth checking out for records in Sheffield at one point … Then came Warp records I think ( the names and dates have been made up because no one can remember the actual facts but it doesn’t matter  … does it ? ) … and Fulcrum ( another record shop ) in the Forum and tunes became much easier to get your hands on.

Sheffield really was a shit hole tho once as you can imagine … in a land before sandblasters … more so than Manchester or Liverpool … or even Birmingham and Im not the most qualified to comment … not at all. I just bought some music.

Train was cheap though from Warrington central.

Nightmares on Wax were one of the first releases on Warp … I gave The Forgemasters release to  a mate who was later into it far more than I ever was. I can’t even remember the name of it … or did it even have a name ? ( lol )

Shape the future reminds me of another Warp release anyway . I still own this. Gathering dust.

Nightmares on Wax have released another album for those of you that like your Soul and Tech Hip Hop fusions … I know that you do because you seem amazed that we do & often play them.

One of our favs that goes down well early doors and mashes a few heads.

Gonna give ‘Shape The Future’ a listen today. Haven’t heard it yet.