You may have already heard of local heroes Aeroplane Flies High. You may have heard their mega single Blossom (released last year on London indie label Snaketown Records). You may have caught them live (they gig pretty much non-stop) or you may have just heard the buzz (or should that be fuzz?) surrounding them lately.

Formed in 2009 and hailing from the North West, they come from the school of making music that they want to listen to, and by listening to them you can clearly hear their influences; a noisy mixture of Melvins riffs, Nirvana melodies and Sonic Youth power.

Thankfully, they make music that plenty of other people want to listen to as well, including Metal Hammer who dubbed them “Heavy, witty and extremely awesome.” They also have some of the coolest merch (I have a t-shirt of theirs) and artwork I’ve seen in a long time! If that doesn’t convince you, have a look at the video for Blossom and turn it up!

“The name” says guitarist Roanne “comes from Jack (vocals & guitar) always wanting a band called ‘Aeroplane Flies High’, he’s a Pumpkins fan but so are we so all is good!”

I recently caught up with Roanne to find out a bit more about what’s going on with the band, who they’re listening to and the story behind their strange video for the new single Growing.

Ste – So Roanne, how did the collaboration with Snaketown come about?
Roanne – We got with Snaketown from playing a gig for them in London back with our old drummer in 2011, from then we kept in touch and they mithered us to re-release Blossom with them and we’re so made up we did!

Ste – I love the new video for Growing, although it did scare me a little bit! Tell me a bit about the idea behind it and when we can buy the track.
Roanne –  Haha isn’t it obvious? GUITAR BIRTH! But originally it was just going with the most obvious Growing meaning- birth… The directors at v/h/yes were inspired by Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. Growing’s official release date is 10th Feb and you can pre order on itunes now.


Ste – and like with Blossom, will there be any launch gigs?
Roanne – We have our two launch shows coming up, 12th Feb at Maguires Pizza Bar in Liverpool with Claustro and Cactus Knife. 13th Feb is our London launch at The Macbeth. (London launch details)

Ste – I’ve followed you guys pretty much since day one and I’ve always been intrigued with your passion for modified and unusual gear, what stuff are you playing at the minute and where do you get that fat low end from considering you don’t play with a bassist?
Roanne – I use a ’93 Japanese Fender competition Mustang with a Dimarzio Chopper in the bridge, I use fuzz and a tuner. We get the low end from playing in B and Jack uses an EHX micro pog.

Ste – You’ve been going for a few years now and gigged about a fair bit, any particular gigs stick out in your head?
Roanne –  Hmmm the best gig we’ve played so far would be our Blossom launch with Snaketown in Camden last summer, it was very surreal, crowd surfing and an encore! We even got to see Neil’s nip slip.

Ste – What other bands are exciting you lately?
Roanne – We love Cactus Knife from Chorley, Athiest Angel is such a catchy song! Claustro are super cool too and we also like Tigercub and Polterghost!

Ste – So apart from the launch gigs, what else have you got coming up?
Roanne – We have loads coming up but let’s focus on our launch shows for now!

Ste – Cheers Roanne, anything else you’d like to add?
Roanne – Keep watching the Growing video haha!

So there you have it. A local band injecting a bit of excitement into the scene and who aren’t afraid to play to strangers. Go and see them if you get the chance and be sure to click the links below to download their stuff.

Official Site
Growing pre-order link.
Snaketown Records