Flame On are a new three piece (plus part-time bassist) from the North West who wear their bluesy influences on their sleeves. They’ve recently started gigging and have released their debut single Economy of Us this week.

After the first few bars you’d be forgiven for thinking that Economy of Us is a homage to Motown until the Franz Ferdinand-eqsue riff kicks in taking the track into a brand new direction. What stuck out for me straight away was the diversity of the drummer Ross. Before the vocals start he changes style three times, from the aforementioned Motown to heavy 16ths and finally settling on a syncopated rhythm which perfectly compliments the guitar and sounds like something the Gossip would be proud of. The whole thing is perfectly pulled together when Kristy’s powerful vocals begin.

This is the sound of a confident band who have spent some time in the studio perfecting their sound. There are hints of Led Zep, Jack White and Alabama Shakes throughout, yet they still somehow manage to sound fresh and new. I predict some exciting things to come from this band. Click the links below to download the single and find out more about them.