The story goes like this …. interested ?

Everything is sand blasted … everywhere is way beyond trying to be Swedish : But I like that sometimes .

I was with Stu Craig n’ Porno for a few scoops. I think we were hosting a show on Pitch FM at the time, one of the stations over in Sheffield that Sunday night ( was it Pitch FM or was it Fantasy FM that week ? ) We even put together a few playlists for Sandman Magazine then – heard of that ?

The Baa Bar in pool tho was top : We’d only popped in there for a few jars and the manager asked if I was DJ’ing ?  … I said aye : She thought that I was someone else like.

We started our residency there the following Friday night.

Played The Beastie Boys ( It was the first album then .. we were still waiting for the second : vinyl of course … boxes that weighed a ton ) followed by Sly & The Family Stone, followed by The Clash & followed by New Order or The Stones or whatever … but probably not in that order …. as per usual.

Most probabably still to this date the most hand shakes we’ve had across a bar for playing any particular records. Loved it.

& just as Liverpool was going all superclub … we done about 8 weeks and moved on.

These if the place was still cracking on ? … well maybe.

Everyone loves a playlist.