The smell of fresh Kasabian beats is in the air….

Seems like 2014 is going to be a busy year for Kasabian, there are rumours of them Headlining Glastonbury (although they haven’t confimed) and they have already announced they are playing at Moscow’s Subbotnik Festival, Benicassim Festival, Orange Warsaw Festival in Poland, Le Rock Dans Tous Ses Etats festival in Evreux France, Ejekt Festival in Athens and Sonic Mania in Japan and that’s only the Festivals. As well as all that they are also soon to be releasing their 5th Studio album! (Release date approx June 2014)

When asked about the New Album frontman Tom Meighan said: “This record is as good as it gets for us. If we were on a mountain, we’re at the top of Mount Everest now. We’ve stuck the flag in and we’re saluting it. Top of the world, mate – that’s where we are.”
And if that quote doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will.

Having read a recent article in Q Magazine about the album release its become pretty apparent that they are really keeping their cards close to their chest on this one, making the suspense even greater! They did give a few little hints though.
Serge Pizzorno said that Nirvana, Kanye West and Death Grips were all influences on the record, before adding: “I don’t want to give it any adjectives. You have to be careful because they stick.” He also mentioned a track called ‘Bumblebee’, which was titled by his 3 year old Son because of the buzzing noise on the track.

Speaking of the sound of ‘Bumblebee’, Pizzorno said: “It’s Beastie Boys dub with a sort of Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine chorus. It’s got the flavour of a bank robbery getaway car. Everything drops to barely nothing and then the fucking hand of God slams the floor. 
“It goes ‘click’ and then it’s like, ‘Fuck – get out of the way’… You’ll be able to see the moshpit from space.”

 “The process starts simple. Serge gets a demo and then we build on it, and then he mutates it with rocket fuel and liquid nitrogen and it’s crisp and it’s crack and it’s smack,” says Meighan of the steps taken to make a Kasabian song. “It’s a dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, dangerous drug we’ve created. I can’t get my head around it. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, it’s got the rawness and it’s edgy, but it’s gone back to electronics and we’ve gone beyond leftfield.”– Tom Meighan

  As I said they are keeping it all very hush hush but they have released this sneaky little preview of Serge working his magic.


 And for now here’s a couple of Kasabian classics to keep you going. 

 Vlad The Impaler