Fancy a pint ? …. Aye why not.
Popping out for a pint on my todd can be alright sometimes … Now & then there’s nothing better than grabbing my coat, closing the door behind me & nipping off around to the local ale house for some of that selfish, ‘don’t you dare fckin bother me time’.  I do like my own company, but not enough to want to sit in solitary confinement, alone on the sofa naked, watching shit TV and eating nowt but curly wurlys & crisps for ten years solid. The allure however, of a glowing pub fireplace …. a pint of my favourite ….. a decent article with no interruptions ……. See you in an hour !  Other times though we don’t want that do we?  We need St. Tropez ……. A pocket load of cash, all our mates and … erm Beck! …. I haven’t got a clue what Becks next release is going to sound like and I’m pretty sure that he hasn’t got a scoobies either. That’s one of the things I kinda like about him. Im pretty sure that any geezer who pens tunes the likes of ‘Asshole’, ‘Modern Guilt’, ‘Devils Haircut’, & ‘Loser’, is gonna cut it when it comes to fitting in with my drinking partners. A dead funny boss conversationalist who gets the round in ? … I don’t know ? . Unpredictable madman who is going to get the party started properly ? … I also don’t know ? … time won’t tell.