Anyone else looking forward to Unkles releases ? … We are !! As you know Unkle releases The Road Pt 1 soon.

For those of you that enjoy popping down to the Little Indie Night early doors for a pint and listening to much newer material you can expect a few from this album … weve already played whats available.

We call it “PRINKIES” … pre drinks thats what the students call it … where the feck did that come from ? … It’s now the norm for us to hook up before going out and neck a shed load of cheaper ale before hitting the bars & clubs isnt it. Cheaper beer and decent music wouldnt go a miss.

We are always being asked to play records … We dont mind that … we’d prefer you to pop in early on with the tunes on a usb stick or something though and people do ( Get Involved actually means that !! )

We’ve been here for a loooooooong time … We have never said no !

We’re not sure when the next event will be btw : The joys of a day job you love but the hours are rubbish ( just like everyones day job probably ) : We’d love to give you something every weekend but alas it just isnt possible at the min.

Some from the album anyway.

Suns up … Huge smiles 8)