Recently released and currently trending on social media, ten hilarious minutes of Noel finding fault with almost every video Oasis ever released. Read on.

Had he not soared to success with Oasis, Noel Gallagher could have been a stand up. His use of words when in interviews and commentary like this one shown below are hilarious. This fantastic 10-minute compilation of the best bits of Oasis DVD commentaries below, as Noel proceeds to criticise basically every part of every music video/promo.
Some of the highlights are when he compares himself in one of the videos to looking like Columbo. He summarises . “I’d grown out of the video making experience quite quickly,” “By the third one I was like, this is a load of b*****ks.. standing around all day doing the same old s**t 500 times,”.
When it comes to the Whatever video Noel can’t wait to note how drunk he was. “Look how pissed I am there,” he jokes. “I remember being Liam being furious that day, because I think it’s the one time I’ve been more drunk than he is.”
My favourite quote from his commentary is this gem:
“I f*****g hate videos. I hate everything about them. I hate the fact that they cost a fortune, I hate the fact that you’ve got to be there at eight in the morning, I hate the fact that you don’t leave until eight the next f*****g morning. I don’t like the fact that the people who are making ‘em think that they’re making f******g Apocalypse Now…”
Being a big Oasis fan, I loved their videos at the time but looking back, you can release to Noel’s views on them.  Some videos are so “artsy fartsy” that it’s laughable now. If you are ever going to want an insight and a fair representation as to the behind the scene story of brit pop and indie rock in the 90s, Noel G is the man.

Its fair to say this vids not safe for work so probably not best to watch in work. Check it out and thank me later.