We love Festivals  ( see Little Indie Fest & top ) . We don’t think that there’s much better than taking a pew, alfresco stylee with some top live music, a couple of drinks and good friends.

The Warrington music festival is just around the corner ( May 28 ) and we are looking forward to some brilliant breakthrough artists and its all for FREE.

Some of the bands playing … Im not going to lie … I have never heard of them in my life. I like that though. Watching an unknown band …. An artist you’ve never come across before … 50% of the time I might not like em ? …. but it’s all about that other 50% isn’t it … the ones you’d go to see again and again .

We’re playing some tunes later on in The Auction Rooms over the road so we can’t get too sozzled …. or can we ?

Festival Season is definitely on tho … see you there if you are about 8)

Cant wait


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