Since the late 80’s The Wedding Present have already released eight albums … nine next week. I first heard The Wedding Present via Mr John Peel.

What a radio show. Records that were alright to listen to around the flat …. quasi-loudly. Then he’d play something overtly obscure …. borderline shite at times tbh … Im sure he was having a laugh or something … had the girls living in the flat above banging on the floor screaming turn that shit off. Legend.

The Wedding Present now almost 32 years later are still penning ace tunes … I read something the other day about Dermo from Northside releasing material as a solo artist. Artists don’t just stop art isn’t something artists can just switch off surely …. its something they are … I listened to his new music via Dave Sweetmores radio show the other week. Top show.

The Wedding Present release ‘Going Going’ next week … for a band that put so many smiles on so many faces I’m avving some of that.

From their website ….

But [in oh, so typical, Wedding Present style] it will not be merely an album! Oh, no… ‘Going, Going…’ will actually be a collection of twenty ‘linked’ tracks, each with a beautiful accompanying film. Given the nature of this unique project, ‘Going, Going…’ will be released in three audio-visual formats [see their website for a breakdown]. Link

The week after its release the band will be playing at five specially selected small venues across Great Britain. Each night ‘Going, Going…’ will be performed in its entirety in front of a screen onto which the accompanying films will be projected. All the venues will be seated in order to enhance the audience’s enjoyment of this unique series of very intimate concerts. Click here for more details.

Sounds top !