Billy Bibby, former Lead Guitarist of Catfish and the Bottlemen has announced a winter tour having recruited some musician friends, Rob Jones, 21 – lead guitar, backing vocals, Matt Thomas, 21 – bass, backing vocals, Mike Pearce, 21 – drums and have named themselves Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles, shortly followed by his Debut EP to Release in February 2016.

Billy embarked on his music career in 2007 at 17 when he joined the band what was to become Catfish and the Bottlemen eventually. As a band they enthusiastically gigged all across the UK and abroad selling out increasingly larger venues, building up a fan base and ultimately securing a recording deal in which would lead to the release of a top 10 debut album certified gold in the UK.

Since leaving the band in 2014, Bibby has used his experienced gained in Catfish and the Bottlemen and his boundless enthusiasm to write new songs, sound them out live and form the band he is in now. On November 3, 2015, Billy Bibby and the band released a debut single, ‘Waitin’ for You’, which went down a storm by those who heard it and exhibited promise and great things to come in the future. Bibby and the band then saw out 2015 by playing three very well-received UK shows at Telford’s Warehouse in Chester, The Drawing Room in Barrow-in-Furness, and Milo Bar in Leeds.

The three gigs before Christmas were the perfect way to end the year. The year was all about getting to that point and finally looking over my shoulder and seeing a band behind me playing songs I’ve written, and be like ‘Fuck me, these guys are good!

With the band behind him and the enthusiasm to make a name for himself and the band, the four-piece band fronted by Billy are poised to play a series of about twenty tour dates throughout the UK from January-March 2016.

Billy’s past recent release in November, Waitin’ for you, which he no doubt hoped would set him apart from his previous band and show he was ready and able to venture into the music scene. From listening to the track, it’s apparent he succeeded. The song has a very American sound to it and specifically found it similar to the sound often heard by Bruce Springsteen or more recently The Gaslight Anthem. His lead guitar skills are showcased throughout the song and so is his vocal ability making the song his own and giving it his own signature sound. Overall, this track is an energetic, lively and a well played effort, one which serves as a springboard for him to reach greater heights. I can’t wait for his upcoming, much-anticipated, release, now with an added band, which is definitely something to be excited about.

Find out more about Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles for yourself below:


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