Introducing, Cabezudos a four piece rock band from Liverpool. The music makers individually are Jack Hughes (vocals), Chris Bolton (guitar), Tom Maher (bass) and Harry Strachan (drums). They each bring to the an eclectic taste in influences ranging from The Beatles and Black Sabbath to The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones. They, along with many other bands who have many influences, struggle with finding a genre which they fit in, but consider themselves overall a classic rock n roll revival band.

Since forming around ten months ago they have already played some notable gigs including X&Y Festival 2015 in East Village Arts Club, hosting a successful E.P. launch of She Waits to an almost sold out venue. Whilst their E.P. was well received and showcased the bands sound, they state their music is best heard live, as their strength is engaging with the crowd making their set at any gig an enjoyable one. One gig they are most looking forward to is supporting ex Catfish and the Bottlemen guitarist, and previously featured band on unZined, Billy Bibby and the Wry Smiles tomorrow night at Studio 2 in Liverpool. Definitely, a gig to go to for quality music

Cabezudos’ release She Waits was released to the public to see in the New Year in early January and has had been received well by reviewers and music bloggers alike. The E.P. starts off with the fast, up-tempo number She Waits, which sings to my indie dance rock soul. It’s a tune which would no doubt uproot me from my seat and get me dancing to towards the end of any indie night, especially at any of our Little Indie Nights. With a tinge of a Mexican sound and complete with jangly sounding raw guitar, a drum beat and great bass riffs, the song doesn’t relent in its pace. Throughout, the vocals are well sung, with harmony,  diversity and power suiting the song well. Not to be labelled as a “one trick pony”, the band gives us a different song next called Foolish. Jack on vocals gives us a taste of his other singing style here with a crooning/blues style. It’s a stark difference from the first song at first with it being a slower number, but in a good way that showcases his vocal prowess and a different side to the bands music. The song builds up in intensity towards the mid-point of the track, where he wails out impressive blues rock vocals accompanied by great guitar lead, bass and drums.


The increase in intensity works to also aids in leading us into the next track I’ve Never Seen, another upbeat number from the band. Blues rock n roll definitely is a staple of this bands repertoire, which they bring in truckloads to this song. Jack’s vocals holds its own throughout the song as with the others, showcasing its lighter sung and rough shouting vocals throughout. Towards the end of the track, there’s some nice added storm fx added. A nice little touch, which goes well with the break. The band then adds a unique close to the song with a trippy psychedelic sounding piece. Last but not least, Could You Be Wrong?.  Starting off with a slow intro you are led to believe this could be a slow number, but it’s a steady number, inter spaced with clean cut and distorted guitar sounds and impressive catchy vocals. Towards the end the song becomes lively with trumpets, great guitar riffs and lyrics to sing along to “la la la la la”. It’s a quirky ending to the song for sure, but definitely sets it apart from the rest.

Overall, Cabezudos are a promising, exciting new band on the scene with talented vocals, music performance and more. The E.P. gives us a great insight into their live performance and I look forward to getting a chance to see their live set at some point. Definitely, a band to keep your eye on in the future, as no doubt they’ll be on to bigger and more exciting things in the months to come.

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