At the start of 2015 I interviewed Cloudburst, who had appeared on my radar in the local music scene I am in, namely the one in and around Halton, Cheshire, which seems to be thriving lately I’m proud to say. I got to know them through an interview, by listening to their tracks at the time and shortly after heard them live. They showed potential and were definitely a band to watch.

After nearly twelve months, numerous gigs and recording time later11221639_578336425654098_8999953617383384242_n, they have gone use the time wisely and have honed their performance and sound to what they are satisfied with, so much so that they have released their debut E.P. titled Love Panic. Their E.P. launch with Factory was great night where the crowd was in a frenzy over Cloudburst’s songs and was one of the highlights of the night. I got in touch again with frontman, Eric Kostadinov, to see about reviewing their audio offering, which they have quite handily put on Spotify. I’ll pop the playlist at the bottom of the post for you.

Cloudburst’s first track off their debut E.P., Fifty-One, eases us into the song collection with a nice jazzy drum beat and builds up further by adding a nice bass riff and even more with a grunge sounding guitar. Eric’s vocals throughout range from deep and low sounding vocals to really high, this change of vocal style makes sure the song has enough diversity to not leave us the listeners bored.  Fifty-One’s chorus is a catchy one with a nice melody, which no doubt you’ll be singing for hours after hearing it. Overall, a great steady start to the release.

Getting Older, Cloudburst’s second track welcomes us to the song with a retro sounding clean guitar, one which, for me at least reminds me of 60 band The Shadows with its Hank Marvin-esque sound. The vocals are also very 60’s in its style and the lyrics being sung. Another compatison could be made to bands from Liverpool such as The Coral and The Las who brought back the 60’s rock sound to the present. Overall, Cloudburst has chosen to show us another side of their music, one which compliments their grungy alter ego and shows their diversity.


Next up, Blew Me Away. Their signature psychedelic rock sound, which they are great at, makes an appearance again. Their sound with this song is reminiscent of something you’d expect the Stone Roses or maybe the Charlatans to produce. Cloudburst have however put their own spin on it with their fuzzy guitar sound and great drum beat. Its a track to get lost in for sure; one to close your eyes, sit back and listen to.

The bands next song She’s Make Believe gives us that retro sound again with its dreamy effect guitar, which could be their signature sound from now on. There’s definitely a psychedelic revival indie sound being made here, which they gone and made the sound their 12274756_578335738987500_8855957679527724502_nown with great sounding guitar riffs throughout and bass to match. Even with the drum beat, Tony Ridehalgh provides, takes it up a notch with his technical, steady drum patterns. The song features yet another catchy chorus which will bound to be stuck in your head for a while.

Last but not least Love Panic, a retro sounding track, one which again makes me think of a late 80’s indie sound, which I’m constantly reminded of whenever I hear Cloudburst’s songs. The song has a dreamy guitar effect and that nice bass riff again courtesy of Tommy Walker and Joe Hardy, sounding great together. Love Panic’s a happy sounding song with lively sung lyrics showcased by Eric’s higher range of vocals. We are given a great sounding instrumental, which speeds up leading us to the end. Overall, a happy, catchy and retro sounding song, one which they chose well to include with their release because it shows another side to the bands sound.

A nice collection of songs, which showcases Cloudburst’s sound, talent and ability to produce catchy, up-tempo and well-played songs. They’re all retro sounding and very easy to listen to with their psychedelic grunge style with vocals to match. Overall, a great release from Cloudburst and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how they are going to explore the style they have chosen and evolve as a band.

Listen to Love Panic for yourself below

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