Introducing, Digital Garden Party, a rock trio from the North West UK consisting of Luke James (Vocals), Jono Tringham (Drums) and Andy Perrin (Guitar). Since forming they state they have been busy honing their own style and sound taking all of their diverse musical tastes and personalities and making something special. In their own words:

Our individual roles are far more fluid than that of a traditional band, with each of us not feeling overly constrained by what we do, or what instrument we play during the writing process. This gives us the ability to try new things, take risks & go with our gut feelings.

Ambitious and interesting on paper. Its good to see a diverse band full of multi-talented musicians trying their best to create something special. The band got in touch to see if I could review their latest song, which will give me a chance to hear the culmination of their efforts.

Different Kind of Love is the title of their latest song. The track from the start comes across as more of a creative emotive song rather than an “in your face” rock song. Frontman Luke James has the vocal sound of 90’s grunge at its best and looking through their photos has the look that goes with the voice too. The overall the bands’ sound is more low-key alt-pop dance-rock and you can tell that its a result of different genre inspirations that have come together resulting in a hybrid sound that really works.

Their other previous tracks from their Soundcloud Two Steps Forward and Chasing me also introduce us to the bands unique sound: Luke in Two Steps Forward showing that he can offer up a good falsetto but offering more deeper vocals on chasing me. All through the other songs, quality backing percussion and clean crisp guitar accompany Lukes well sung vocals. All in all, after hearing the tracks on show by the band, especially Different Kind of Love, the band shows us their talent and ability to bring to us unique and great sounding tracks. Keep an eye on these as they’ll be going places no doubt soon. The band area already working on another original track which they hope to upload onto Soundcloud soon called It is what it is.

Be sure to tune into Halton Community Radio on Sunday from 7pm for Iain Tinsley’s Unsigned Music Show where Digital Garden Party will be a guest. Sure to be worth tuning in for.

Photos by Tim Newman

To discover Digital Garden Party for yourselves click the linkables below:



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