I had the chance recently of catching this band live at The Sugarmill in Stoke. They headlined the night and put on a great set, which made me take notice. I set about getting the band to send me some info so I can spread the word.

In their own words, Exowaves themselves have struggled to pigeon-hole themselves to one genre, but like with most bands who have the same problem, had a good go at giving us a description:

With dirty overdrive bass lines, fuzzy guitars, deep heavy caveman beats and swirling vocals with a Lydon snarl, their music will implant a sonic assault on your scenes and leave your heart drenched in the noise.

Big, creative and confident words from the band, but did they live up to their own hype on the night. They definitely brought the fuzzy guitars, overdrive bass lines and swirling vocals and overall, performed a great set. Its clear to see they have taken their cited influences, Primal Scream, Sex Pistols, The Doors etc and created a performance to impress. With their energetic performance on stage, more noticeably lead singer Zak’s jumping up on top of the monitor speakers, and the fresh modern indie sound they produced. They struck me as a totally unique band; a band who would no doubt be the offspring of the Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian if they got together.

Exowaves spent 2015 gigging locally hoping to extend their reach further afield, appeared on the local BBC Introducing and they released their E.P. Side Effects on the 6th October, which you can listen to for yourself and read our review below


The release includes two songs, Side Effects and Closest Romantic. First up we are greeted with a distorted grungy sounding guitar leading up to the full band in full swing. Zak, Exowaves front man, then adds his blues sounding lyrics to the song. The song continues this way repeating the same blues-y lyrics with great guitar riffs and lightly played drums throughout. The chorus makes an appearance in the song showing the bands energy and their performance in full effect adding light and shade to the song, providing up-tempo grunge to the songs down tempo majority. Overall, a catchy blues rock inspired number, one which shows their gritty-ness and talent for creating a dirty rock track.

Closest Romantic, the EP’s second track is a song with a stark contrast to the first, with its clean guitar sound, synth backing and softly sung vocals. The band obviously want to exhibit that they are able to perform and produce an array of songs types. It is reminiscent of Alex Turner’s vocal style in the Arctic Monkeys. The song as its title suggest is all about romance and love, more specifically losing love and the fight to keep the relationship going. Overall, a well produced emotional song, showcasing another side to Zak’s vocals skills and that the band isn’t restricted to one style of music. A great choice of songs to release as an EP, as at this stage of the bands fight for recognition, this is the perfect thing to do to show the audience and more what they are capable of.

You can find out more for yourself on all things Exowaves below:



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