Factory, a four-piece blues rock band from Runcorn, Cheshire swiftly gaining popularity in the North West and also a previously featured band here at unZined, have released their first E.P. called “Tomorrow is Now“.

Their release was eagerly anticipated by their fans and anyone who had heard their demo track previously revealed, Love Must Do. The track featured a blues rock guitar riff rough well-sung vocals full of emotion. They have since played numerous local gigs one of them being Little Indie Fest and have show us the band had more up their collective sleeves.

I had the chance to hear some of the upcoming tracks when they12243342_1059144354117240_1827953164885820135_n joined Iain Tinsley at his New & Unsigned Show on HCR featuring a great acoustic performance and interview and also when I saw them at their E.P. launch this past weekend with Cloudburst who joined Factory in releasing their latest E.P. (watch this space). Safe to say the tracks sounded great live and I am eager to check out their recorded release.

To start us off with the release, Factory has given us one of their songs called Norman Wisdom. The track while giving a tip of the hat to the comic legend in its title isn’t about him, but instead gives us a great sounding distorted blues guitar riff from the start giving us a taste of whats to come. Raw sounding vocals sing us through the well written lyrics to the songs verse and chorus accompanied by the well-played guitar lead and bass guitar courtesy of Tony Dainteth. The song has a feeling of late-60’s blues/garage rock. With well placed harmonies and structure, the song is never same-y and provides a diverse mix. With the songs simple but effective chorus bit, “oooohhh my my” you’ll no doubt be singing along yourselves. Overall, its a great introduction to their release, sounding professional, well played and well produced.

Colombian Cold is next and straightaway an up tempo drum beat produced by Benjamin Worrall, bass and guitar riff welcomes us to the song and we can tell this song takes it up a notch from the last. Powerful rough vocals are introduced again after this small intro, while not full of lyrics, the message and emotion still shines through. A harmony element greets us as the song paves the way into the pre-chorus and chorus building up the song. The chorus itself is another catchy one and is definitely another one to have the crowd singing along to it. Overall, a great powerful song which leaves an impact with its energetic, riff-laden, powerful sound.


Courtesy of Trash Monkey Photography

Next up, Tomorrow is Now, while not as up-tempo as the last one, the song still packs a punch. The into gives us a nice well timed guitar and bass harmony riff, which is unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. The singing from Shelley is again very powerful, raw and full of attitude and the chorus is yet another catchy well written one. The song has a very retro sounding guitar from  Karl Richardson, a sound which reminds me of the kind the Stone Roses had. Its well balanced and yet again well-written with the lyrics and overall a great track to end their release.

Courtesy of Trash Monkey Photography

Courtesy of Trash Monkey Photography

Bonus track – Working Class Life. Here James Shelley takes to his acoustic to give the listeners a chance to see a different side to his vocals and music style heard in the previous songs. While the song’s vocals are not as powerful and rough as the other three, it is still well sung and you can still detect the underlying talent and power in his voice. Throughout the song backing vocals give the song more intensity and build up. The bonus song carries a stark difference to the other three, one which they were wise to include as it gives a different side to Factory’s repartee.

Overall, Tomorrow is Now, is a “powerhouse” of a release giving us listeners a taster of the energy and power Factory have live on stage and also it shows their skills at producing what are simply well-written, well-produced and well-played songs which are full of diversity and attitude. The band certainly know which road they are heading on and have their style of music sussed out already.

Most of the bands I could compare them to they have incorporated into their live set, Rolling Stones, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Black Keys etc, but I would go further to say I detect a similarity to bands such as 90’s/00’s alt/blues band Reef, Jet or Black Crowes. Having said that, Factory have their own style, which they have taken aspects from their genre of choice and created something special. I’ll be watching with interest at which direction they go with their music and how they evolve as a band.

Their next upcoming gig is at The Legion supporting a well deserved charity, CANsupport.


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