Introducing, HANNAH,  a five-piece band from the Manchester, UK formed in 2014. They describe their style of music as lo-fi dream pop. Individually, they are Hayley Faye (vocals and guitar), Emma Lomax (backing vocals), Marcus Mayes (drums), K DaSilva (guitar) and Jack Corocoran (bass).

The band collectively take inspiration from the likes of The Smiths, Elvis Costello and Pink Floyd to name a few in molding their own sound through performing live and recorded material. They worked together to create their debut album, As The World Turns, on a shoestring budget in June 2015 and released it themselves through Bandcamp, a great online service for any band wanting to have their music heard. More recently, they have released a single You’ll Remember, a great acoustic upbeat number and have had their music included on a Compilation CD called Breath of Fresh Air, which you can buy on ITunes here.


I took this chance to listen to the bands recorded offerings over at their Bandcamp page. Their release is full of beautifully mellow, lo-fi sounding songs to get lost in. Its not all mellow though, a few carefully placed tracks, namely Somewhere or Nowhere, Star Struck, Stalker and Give and Take introduces us to a different style, a more 90s era pop/punk rock sound, which reminds me of bands of that time like Metric or Elastica. It’s a sound they pull off well, full of retro goodness, great harmonies and raw sounding guitar.

They excel at their more mellow songs knowing what to add, or take away, from their songs to give that beautiful eerie feeling. Their tracks such as Just a Child (I Need Love), Disguise, Fallout and Empire utilise added synth, acoustic guitar and minimal drums to give a beautiful mellow approach to their songs. Both styles throughout the release are enjoyable to listen to and showcases well the bands diversity, talent and skill at creating great tracks. Overall, a release which would have you thinking it was a professional release, rather then one which they released themselves.  I look forward to hearing future released and will be keeping a keen eye on the band.

You can listen to and buy their release by visiting their BandCamp page:

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