From time to time we at unZined like to touch base with all of our previous featured artists/bands to see what they have been up to and how they are fairing with their music. Jenny Colquitt one of our first featured artists has been in touch following the release of her latest E.P. The Quiet Kind. Since featuring on the blog she has been playing at countless gigs throughout the North West, has been refining her own style and performance and writing style. She’s also been busy recording her debut E.P. The Quiet Kind. In her own words:

Four tracks, each with a different story and meaning. They combine personal and social aspects of life and convey emotional journeys through different life events. The title ‘The Quiet Kind’ is used to convey the journey a musician takes in the world when deep down they are quiet and reserved. Its about remembering who you are even when things pass you by, this is heavily emphasised in the track ‘The city’. The other tracks are all based on world and personal events and journeys.
The first, True to Me, has a great piano accompaniment, simple as first, but building up as the song progresses. Jenny’s vocal skills are showcased and further built upon with added harmony. The key word with this song is subtle, as she just enough piano, synth and minimal percussion to give the song extra effect.  With a skilfully played piano through as well as the well sung vocals this song is a strong start to the E.P and I eagerly go on to the next. Next up, Lifeboat. Instead of a intricate piano, this song is started by expertly played acoustic piano and it joins us as the Jenny sings us through to the end. Again here, she doesn’t overly complicate the song, but adds subtle layers cleverly to add emphasis and emotion to her vocals. Its a steady song, one which never falters and leaves you wanting more by the end.

The second half of The Quiet Kind reflects the first with expertly played piano and well written lyrics. Wide Open Spaces allows Jenny to showcase her skill as an talented solo musician further. This songs my favorite, as I love the light and shade; softly sung at first with soft piano, but gradually builds up to a strong piano performance and Jenny gives us a taste of her powerful vocal talent in the chorus. Straight into The City. the last track of the release. Showing us there are no weak songs on this release, just well made beautiful songs. The city starts soft and lulls you into a trance with its gentle guitar and ethereal backing vocals before flourishing into one of the more up tempo pieces of the E.P. and seemingly inviting all instruments played in other songs back on stage for a grand finale and to take a bow.

Overall, the easy to listen to angelic, peaceful and clean sound, the lyrics full of meaning and emotion, the diverse range of tempo and the professional sound throughout means this E.P. will no doubt catapult Jenny ever onwards to public notoriety throughout the country. While many may easily compare her after listening to the release to famous singers such as Eva CassidyChristine McVie etc the truth is Jenny Colquitt is one unto her own. Her multi-instrument talent, vocal prowess and song-writing skills makes her the one to watch.

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