There are music artists/bands, which come and go from the local music scene and then there are some that seem to be ever present and active. I’ve had the pleasure of talking and getting to know a few in my home town and neighbouring area and they all have one thing in common…. the passion and love for performing music.

Laura & Claire are musicians who fall into this category, veterans on the music scene, always involved with charity band nights and gigs in and around Widnes Cheshire, but still as fresh faced, on top form and energetic as ever. I myself have seen them at gigs going back a while and, if my memory serves me well, have given a top performance at everyone one ever since I first saw them years ago.

They describe themselves as a “melodic brand of folk-tinged indie pop” with “haunting harmonies” and an eclectic collection of influences. What I was interested to find out, was how they started out and became the musicians they are today. Laura answered:

Claire and I have been friends since we met at school, aged 5. We started out learning guitar at age 9 when our teacher started giving lessons and then playing hymns in church funnily enough! We’ve written music together since we were about 14 and that’s when we first started getting into bands. We started gigging after joining a music workshop called Re:Wire, in Runcorn. We joined a band, played our first gigs, which was fun but our own music wasn’t getting heard so we decided to go it alone! Next year will actually be our 10-year anniversary since we started playing as Laura & Claire, so that’s pretty cool.

Their tastes when growing up were a far-cry from the genre they perform today, Green Day, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday to name a few, but nevertheless gave them inspiration and the ability to mix up their genre of choice when performing. Today, the artists they tend to sway towards are Imogen Heap, Amanda Shires and their favourite band is Idlewild, who they cite as being a major inspiration.

Laura & Claire’s harmonies, vocal and guitar talent has always been enjoyable to listen to and its clear they have the kind of experience that can only be acquired through years of performing together. Each know where to come in, when to leave one to sing while the other does backing and vice versa. Their released work shows a their diversity, from slow tempo ballads and up beat folk-pop tracks. As stated before, there is a strong quality of their performance, which can only be described as being “ethereal” as well as being strong and powerful; the combination of which puts on hold all conversation in the venue and all attention is turned to them.

Laura and Claire are currently writing new material for an upcoming release. Discover more about Laura & Claire yourself at the links below:



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