This week we have for you a great unique and quirky band from the North West. Introducing, Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies, a band who describe themselves as “Artpunks” and play primitive rock and roll. They are a part of the European DIY underground scene and Antipop Records of Liverpool.

They have released three full length albums; The New Underground, Hip Potater and I Heart Here and one vinyl EP, Spacepunx. During their time together they have also played countless shows around the UK, Europe and festivals such as Rebellion, Fire In The Mountain and Sound City. On top of this they also run their own regular Free Rock & Roll events at Sound in Liverpool.


The band when starting out brought with them a punk rock ethic and write and perform songs with a message. People have often compared them to The Cramps, The Fall, The Modern Lovers and The Velvet Underground. As the band progressed they adapted their genre into something more unique which they call “kitchencore”. The majority of their songs are political, but performed in such as way that it comes across with a sense of humour and is entertaining to watch/hear, which they hope will aid getting their messages across.

I myself remember seeing Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies in my local home town Widnes, Cheshire probably shortly after they were formed and was impressed by their enthusiasm and attitude on stage. After hearing their latest work, its evident they have kept what made them great then and expanded upon it with added quirkiness and aptitude musically. The above song, Deads not Punk, is one of my favorite tracks from the band, which showcases their energy, attitude and diversity. Check it out. Its easy to see why they are a great band to have at any festival, as they bring with them energy, up beat rock songs to have any crowd dancing about.

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