What better way to see in 2016 then to introduce to you some amazing bands! First up, Shakedown Stockholm, a seven piece pop/indie/rock band from Winsford, Cheshire. Along with having a really catchy name that rolls off the tongue the band has really catchy and melodic tunes for your entertainment needs. I had the chance to catch them playing live recently at the Sugarmill in Stoke-on-Trent where they put on a great set and impressed me so much that I had to get in touch.

Previously, the band has been discovered by BBC Introducing Manchester and Stoke, featured on their radio station and featured as this years ‘Ones to Watch’. They’ve also played at impressive gig venues such as Manchester Etihad Stadium, O2 Academy Manchester/Liverpool and The Shiiine On Weekender supporting the Happy Mondays to name a few.

Its noticeable once you have heard the band through one of their many tracks, they have a unique sound, in part attributed to by their vocals, which is rare in the music biz. As you listen, on you’ll no doubt notice two women on lead vocals with harmony vocals like no other. Davina and Joanna Kettle provide the vocals and the reason they sound eerily good singing together is because they are twins. Being twins their voices are similar and work well together bringing forth a powerful vocal performance. Check out their release below and our review:

REVIEW: The Reality of Truth

Shakedown Stockholm’s latest EP, released in August, starts off with one of my favorites from the collection of songs, If I Were the Devil. The song showcases the bands strong-point, the vocal harmonies, most effectively in this song. The vocal harmony from both Davina and Joanna sometimes are powerful sung in unison, but other times are sung ebbing and flowing with each other giving a unique and unheard of vocal quality. The accompanying music are on par in the song too, giving the song a eerie feeling; not over-powerful but enough so to give the vocals added energy, emotion and feeling. The second track following If I Were the Devil, Nothing Like Abel, starts off slower with a softer sung harmony this time, showing another side of their voice without the burden of singing over a full band letting the vocalists have free reign to show us another lighter side of their vocal talents. The song towards the mid-point brings in a nice clean guitar sound giving the song some change in energy. The songs another haunting melody, something which the band produces well as well as goosebumps in their listeners I’m sure.


Up next Peninsula of Love. The songs introduction has nice sounding acoustic guitar, which accompanies the vocals well. The full band is brought it towards the mid point producing a wall of sound, pleasing the ear, with their harmonies and well played instruments. Goosebumps aplenty as the song takes us through enough ups and downs in its tempo and power. A change in style in song next with Reverie, a more upbeat and pop-sounding track, but still keeping in tact their amazing harmony and skillful music produced by the band members. Upbeat from the off, with the occasional dip in tempo for added effect, the song showcases another side to the band then their haunting ethereal vocals and music. Last up, but definitely not least, is Who Says I? a return to their seemingly trademark signature sound, haunting vocal harmony and music to match with the theme of love lost and perhaps relationships gone bad. The songs another favorite of mine as the vocals and music stream forth with equal power and skill and again giving those goosebumps, which some will agree, any song which results in them are gold dust.

Overall, an great, powerful and professional sounding release from Shakedown Stockholm, one which will no doubt gain them more notice. Their music exudes emotion and feeling resulting in haunting melodies about love lost / relationships gone bad. A vague at best similarity can be made to Fleetwood Mac with the dual female lead and often sung about relationship themes. The band however, is unique as they come with their unheard of angelic harmonies, professional sounding music and lyrics. A fantastic release, one of which they should be proud of.

Discover the band for yourself at the links below:


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