I’ve been meaning to feature Cal Ruddy on unZined for a while now. Noticed Cal first, when I went along to one of his previous single launches. Long story short, I was impressed by his unique, retro sounding style that seemed to go against the current music scene – a lone musician going against the tide. The style of choice that Cal brings to his music is a shout out to rock n roll when it was at its purest in and around the late 50’s, more particularly the Skiffle style. He does it well and it suits his singing style. Been following his tenacious progress on the music scene since and more recently he got in touch for me to review his latest single, a song which is commonplace in his set list, Maria. 

From the off, the listener is transported to another time, one where synth sounds and EDM were not even thought of. After a quirky intro, Cal croons through soft vocals, akin to the like a mix of Roy Orbison , Buddy Holly and a bit of Bob Dylan, as the steady bass and drums carry us on through the song.  Spaced through the song are little breaks with hand clapping, a clever inclusion as, Cal Ruddy his been known to use it to encourage the audience to participate with their own at his live gigs. (I myself have been swayed by his cheeky smile more than once into being an unofficial backing-clapper)

The chorus will no doubt have even the stubborn music critics singing along. The catchy lyrics will be stuck in your head for a while after listening to the chorus. The expertly played accompanying bass, drums and clean retro sounding guitar only adds to the rock and roll feeling Cal wants to and succeeds at putting across. Overall, a professional sounding, up tempo, rock and roll track, one which suits Cal Ruddy’s vocal style and one which will be unlike many songs heard today.

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