Previous featured band, one of our band night regulars and friends of Little Indie Night, Cloudburst have recently released their latest music offering.

The band recently took some time off gigging to record two new singles. To aid them in keeping their sound fresh they say they’ve been listening to all kinds of genres and influences and as a result have come out with a list of great songs to play in the future.

unZined got in touch with front-man Eric Kostadinov with a view to reviewing the latest release What you Know, which he was more then happy to send over to us.

What you know is a jangly guitar driven, retro-inspired, up-tempo track, which gives a tip of the hat to an era where indie rock boomed and where such acts as The Smiths, Joy Division and The Cure were music staples to most indie lovers. The inclusion of a great contrasting harmony, similar in style to that of the Arctic Monkeys, and a fantastic guitar solo the release is entertaining to the end, leaving you wanting more.  Overall, a great indie-dance number from Cloudburst, one to make even those stern, less emotive indie lovers get up and dance without a doubt. The band has come on leaps and bounds since we first checked in on them, gaining the valuable experience and finding their style and sound. Their current style works well for them giving them a more professional sound and giving them the opportunity to really shine. Well done guys.

Find out more about Cloudburst below


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