The Last Reserves are a punk rock band from St Helens, Merseyside, stirring up the local music scene and getting the right kind of attention. Initially, the band was formed in 2014 by lead guitarist Jack Rothwell and bassist Matthew Bonnell. They later recruited guitarist James Rowan, drummer Philip Shacklady and singer Alice Nancy. They’ve since been working hard gigging throughout the North West performing at numerous festivals including Wigan Live Festival 2015 and Roundsound Radio Festival 2016.

The bands gearing up to release their debut E.P. Almost Roadkill, which they hope to showcase their sound created by honing in on influences from bands such as The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and The Sex Pistols to name a few. The date they’ve set for release: 12th November 2016. They will be hosting an event to celebrate the release as well, which will definitely be worth attending. The E.P. is also availalbe for pre-order over at their Bandcamp page. The E.P. written by Samantha Colduck, Matthew Bonnell, Jack Rothwell, James Rowan, Philip Shacklady and Liam Keary. They say their collective aim is to “re-ibluncorporate the bare-bones nature of the first wave punk movement into the modern “pop punk” era”. A big a worthy goal, one which I’ll review shortly when listening to their latest release.

What can you expect from their future release Almost Roadkill? A five track strong release, all bursting with energy, diversity and fresh sounds. A minute into their first track Waste and you note their goal of rejuvenating the origins of punk has been achieved with raw sounding guitar, pounding drums and vocals sung with attitude and power. They progress through the tracks in the same fashion with added expertly performed bass and guitar riffs. The energetic tempo is constant throughout and doesn’t relent till the finish. It’s definitely a track set to leave the crowd wanting more after thrashing around the dance floor whenever the band plays it.

As with their punk rock historical counterparts, The Last Reserves, enthuse their songs with messages that they want to put across to their listeners. This is most noticeable from their tracks Post War Youth and Hypocrite.  The release leaves me wanting more with their final track Almost Roadkill, which exhibits vocalist Alice’s range of vocals, flitting from the raw grungy low sung lyrics to the more girly shouted lyrics, which fit the genre well. Overall, a great release, one which bottles their live energy on stage and attempts to let the listener in on the action. I’d have liked to have seen more light and shade with the energy and tempo, as it would serve them right with spacing out the intensity and will give leave the listeners anticipating the next and keeping them listening, but I’m sure as they evolve into a more experienced band they’ll be experimenting loads and once they have bigger releases, they could try this then.


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