Introducing The Revolvers, a 4 piece indie rock band from Widnes, Cheshire. They are influenced by bands such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen to name a few. They have recently been busy performing gigs in and around the local area and recording their debut release Rosanna. 
Their passion is playing live and aspire to bottle that atmosphere at any of their live gigs whenever they record any of their tunes. They plan to release the song with a b-side Drag Me Down. Frontman, Liam McGrath, penned the lyrics last year and was then subsequently recorded and produced the song with help from, friend of Little Indie Night, Jonathan Tringham.
The song (Rosanna) itself is about a girl who at first seems perfect, but as time goes on she drives you crazy, by which point you’re already in to deep (sure that most people have met a Rosanna at some point in their lives hahaha)

We at Little Indie Night/unZined were invited by Liam to give our review on their release, which was released on the 10th June, which we were more then happy to.

Rosanna starts off with a nice blues riff before toning things down with a steady beat, acoustic and vocals. Its a nice sound, one which leads us up to the more upbeat parts, making us wait in anticipation instead of  giving it us from the go. The chorus, full of catchy vocals and well sung vocals, leaves us wanting more, but the song tones things down again, full of bluesy riffs and attitude driven vocals. A balanced and well played song to the end, the song showcases the bands talent, skill and their unique take on their blues rock genre of choice.


All photos by Curtis Stanley Photography

Onto Drag Me Down their B-side, which comes across from the start as if it should be a proper release instead. The jangly guitar, up-tempo drums and well written lyrics take us through the song to the end. Liam’s vocals, similar to the likes of Miles Kane and Van McCann, but with a twist. Has has his own unique sound, a cool and collected way of singing which is very easy to listen to.

Overall, a great debut release from The Revolvers. Drag Me Down is my favorite track, full of jangly riffs, well sung vocals and lyrics which are catchy and easy to sing along to. Perhaps it should have been their main release, but as both songs are good in their own way, it doesn’t matter, the two songs together make an amazing first release, one which should get them some notice.

To find out more about The Revolvers, their gigs and upcoming released click the links below


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