Introducing, Wolfe Sunday upcoming folk-punk act from London. An unusual pairing, one that’s got me intrigued into what sounds a folk/punk artist produces. Lets investigate.

Wolfe Sunday, describes himself as being a “cocktail of intelligent and witty lyrics, an energetic live set and a burning passion for music” He states hes been gaining recognition, especially after after performing over 100 gigs last year alone, including a sponsorship with Beefeater Gin to perform a tour in eastern Europe. Sounds like he’s got the determination and energy to do the work to get noticed.

He’s about to drop a new album, Empty Bottles, on the public. A link to where you can pre-order it is below. For now however, we have a recently released track, Dead Benedict, to listen to until we get the upcoming album. As described by Wolfe Sunday, the song is what I’d class as folk/punk, with its military style drum and guitar style and his raw sounding great vocals. It all sounds great together and it’s obvious Wolfe Sunday knows what music style he is good at. Its clear also that he likes to spin a story with his songs this one about a character called Dead Benedict. His vocal style in this song reminds me of 90’s grunge singers at their best, a style which I for one love to listen to. Overall, its a great upbeat track with enough change in tempo throughout to keep it fresh. I look forward to hearing his upcoming album soon.


You can pre-order Wolfe Sunday’s upcoming album, Empty Bottles, here and find more about the him and his upcoming gigs at the links below:


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